Stand and Speak Pastor Terry Trivette

Blog Post: Tomorrow Will Be My Sons 15th Birthday

Tomorrow will be my son's 15th birthday. It's been a bit of a tradition to write a little poem for the occasion. He doesn't find it all that interesting now, but one day, perhaps he will.

"Tanner at 15"

When I add it up the tally is clear,
Sure enough, it’s the fifteenth year,

It’s not the math I struggle to get,
It’s just the fact I can’t fathom yet,

What was I doing and why did I miss,
When you skipped all those ages prior to this?

I remember now; I was there all along,
And said every year, “This has to be wrong,”

Time will not wait for its speed to be seen,
It rushes from birth to a year like fifteen,

Son, please remember what I’m trying to say,
You might be a man with a son one day,

And you’ll look around and see how he’s grown,
And wonder where all the time has gone,

So remember to look every time you can,
At the little boy who’ll soon be a man,

Pick him up often and say with a smile,
I love being your daddy, if just for a while…

-Terry Trivette