Stand and Speak Pastor Terry Trivette

Blog Post: A Baby

A baby, yes, like others born,
The dawning of another morn’,
A mother, yes, like ones before,
But in this birth there’s so much more,

Angels broke the veil to sing,
The arrival of a newborn King,
Shepherds left their flocks to see,
Salvation clothed in humility,

The pain - the joy of delivery,
The cry – the breath of eternity,
A couple looks through tears to view,
The infant who makes all things new,

This helpless baby, the hope of earth,
Nursed by the mother that gave Him birth,
Dependent on her He opens His eyes,
Dependent on Him she softly cries,

This child appears like all the others,
And yet He comes to save His brothers,
All others born to Adam’s race,
Now have a King to give them grace.

A baby, yes, like others born,
But on the first Christmas morn’,
Heaven came to dwell with men,
God came down to save from sin.