Stand and Speak Pastor Terry Trivette

Blog Post: Little Baby Girl

Pardon a personal blog post, please. My daughter, Grace, turns 11 years-old today. I’m trying to deal with that the best way I know how.

Little baby girl, what happened to you?

11 years ago seems just a day or two.

Each morning what I wish I could see,

Is the little baby girl you used to be.

But those days are past, I concede,

You’re taller, smarter, older indeed.

You say things now that make me grin,

And honestly cringe every now and then.

I embrace the woman you’re going to be,

Though I do so ever reluctantly.

Eleven today, and that much too fast,

Forgive me if I cling to the past,

Happy Birthday, Grace, I love you so,

My baby girl forever, I hope you know.