Stand and Speak Pastor Terry Trivette

Blog Post: New Site

Well, the new Stand & Speak site is up, and I love it! We are still working through some tweaks and updates, but I want to thank Ryan Hayden for his tremendous work on this. He is a pastor and a good brother. I am grateful for his time and effort. If your church needs help with their website or internet ministry, Ryan offers his services at

If you have any questions regarding the new website, please let me know. I wanted to integrate audio and video along with the sermon manuscripts, as well as adding search and filter features. Ryan was able to do all of this for me. We will be adding more to the site, including a sermon list similar to the one we had on the old site. 

I am grateful for all who visit Stand & Speak and benefit from the material. Thank you to all have sent messages inquiring about the site and encouraging me about it. I am especially thankful to the wonderful people I pastor, who make preparing and preaching such an easy and blessed work. I love Sharon Heights Baptist Church and give thanks to God that I am able to preach to them each week.