Stand and Speak Pastor Terry Trivette

Blog Post: Not at Home

I am a long way from home right now. In fact, it is 9:00 am where I am, and 1:00 am at home back in Birmingham. My body can certainly tell that time difference. Being this far from home makes you feel out of place - especially when there is a language barrier (as when I travel up north in the States). I was reminded this morning, as I walked through this foreign city, that this sense of not being at home should be something I still feel a bit even when I am home. 

Hebrews 12 reminds me that I am not really at home in any earthly city right now. A kingdom which cannot be shaken and a city not made with human hands is ultimately the only place I will be at home.

Birmingham may feel like home, but being unsettled in a foreign country this morning reminds me that I should not be as settled as I am when I get back “home”.

There’s no place like home, we say,

But no place is home yet today.